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The Innovacar Car Glass Cleaning and Protection Kit contains all the products you need to clean and protect your car glass, from windshield to windows and even mirrors.

Inside this kit, you will find the following products and accessories:

  • 0 Ammonia Glass 500 ml: Cleaner for glass, windows, windscreen, rear-view mirrors and car glass;
  • SC3 Glass Sealant 100 ml: Nanotechnological, water-repellent and waterproofing product for car glass;
  • Micron Glass: Microfibre cloth for cleaning glass;
  • FOR FREE - Ds Scale 100 ml: Shampoo and decontaminant for limestone and acid rain.

0 Ammonia Glass:

Cleaning the windshield and windows of the car to keep them shining for a long time without damaging them is a complex operation that requires the right product.

0 Ammonia Glass by Innovacar is ideal for cleaning and wiping car glass without leaving streaks and is formulated without ammonia to preserve delicate parts of the car such as rubber and gaskets.

For further details on the products, directions for use and safety information, you may find in-depth information on the specific data sheet:0 Ammonia Glass Innovacar

SC3 Glass Sealant:

Improving visibility in the event of heavy rainfall and facilitating the cleaning of car glass is a common need that requires a suitable product.

SC3 Glass Sealant by Innovacar is the ideal product to create an oil- and water-repellent barrier capable of increasing the sheeting and beading effects of water and even at low speeds such as 50 km/h; you will notice the rain that will slide off the windshield while you are driving.

For more details on the product, how to use it and safety information, you can find more in the specification sheet: SC3 Glass Cleaner Innovacar

Micron Glass:

Micron Glass by Innovacar is the car glass microfibre cloth with a special texture that reduces the formation of wrinkles during cleaning and allows you to better trap dirt avoiding the formation of rings.

For more details on the product and how to use it, you can find out more in the specification sheet: Micron Glass Innovacar

DS Scale:

Limestone is a contaminant that can damage the car’s bodywork by penetrating deep into the paint layers and causing visible defects. Furthermore, it can deposit on protective and nanotechnological layers applied to the bodywork, interfering and decreasing performance.

DS Scale by Innovacar is the ideal product to counter the typical water and limestone stains that deposit on the car’s bodywork, headlights, hard plastics and windows.

It can be used both as a decontaminant and a maintenance shampoo.

For further details on the products, directions for use and safety information, you may find in-depth information on the specific data sheet: DS Scale Innovacar

For dilutions and specific directions for use of every product and accessory we recommend reading the all individual data sheets.

  1. Before carrying out any operation on the external windows of the car, we recommend to wash with DS Scale as an anti-limescale shampoo and the product can be used with the two bucket method or with a foam gun, or with a manual pre-compression pump;
  2. Proceed with the drying of the vehicle;
  3. Continue cleaning the exterior and interior windows of the car: apply 2-3 sprays of 0 Ammonia Glass on the dry surface or on the Micron Glass cloth;
  4. Wipe the Micron Glass cloth over the entire glass using horizontal or vertical straight movements and use the dry side of the cloth or a clean cloth to complete the finish;
  5. Once cleaning is completed, it is possible to apply SC3 Glass Sealant on the dried outside glass of the car;
  6. Use the applicator and the Micron Suede cloth included in the package to apply the product with the "Criss-Cross" method, i.e. proceed by applying the product vertically from top to bottom throughout the treated area and then start again horizontally from right to left throughout the treated area;
  7. Wait 1 minute and wipe with a dry microfiber cloth to remove excess product;
  8. After about 20 minutes, you can reapply an additional layer of SC3 Glass Sealant to strengthen the effect;
  9. Wait until 7 hours after application for full activation.