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Patented formula *

S1 Wash&Coat by Innovacar is the ideal product to obtain multiple effects in one: washes and cleans, seals and protects, gives shine and leaves a water repellent effect. It is ideal for having an advanced cleaning solution, reducing the steps when washing or servicing a car that has already benefitted from the coating process or ceramic nanotechnological protections.

In detail, it is a self-polishing shampoo for cars and has the following characteristics:

  • 3-in-1 car shampoo: it is the ideal nanotechnological solution to reduce the necessary steps of the washing cycle as it washes, seals and leaves a water repellent effect; S1 Wash&Coat actually combines the shampoo and sealing steps into one.
  • Coating maintenance and nanotechnology: it is the ideal product to be used for weekly dirt, to revive nanotechnologies and prolong the effects of the previously applied coating.
  • SiO2 protective shield: the shampoo adheres to the surface of the bodywork, creating a protective barrier that can protect it against alkaline agents and dirt. It extends and protects the life cycle of the coating and of the nanotechnological and ceramic protections applied previously.
  • UV protection: the barrier created protects the surface from UV rays.
  • Water repellent and hydrophobic effect: creates a water repellent and slippery effect that lasts up to 4 months.
  • Deep organic decontaminant**: The product is enriched with enzymes, subject to patent protection*, for deep organic decontamination**; therefore, it can act several times on the substrate molecules of organic dirt.
  • High concentration: Significant and deep cleaning and washing capacity is guaranteed even with a small amount of S1 Wash&Coat**.

Average consumption: between 15 and 20 ml per vehicle.

Summarised technical data:

  • Water repellent effect: 5/5
  • Self-cleaning capacity: 5/5
  • Gloss: 4/5
  • Cleaning action: 3/5
  • Duration: 3/5
  • Drying: In 1 hour
  • Curing time: After 7 hours
  • With enzymes: YES
  • pH: 6.50

* Patent Application no. 14730984.3
** Respect to the version without enzymes.


  • Safely clean, protect and prolong the car coating effects.
  • Create a lasting shield effect and a protective barrier against alkaline agents.
  • Proceed more quickly with the washing steps, without sacrificing nanotechnology.
  • Have a gentle solution that revives and regenerates car plastics and gaskets.
  • Having a product that can be used for multiple purposes, according to different needs.


How to wash the car with S1 Wash&Coat:

  1. Shake the product before use.
  2. If a pre-wash has already been carried out, we recommend proceeding with the two bucket method.
  3. Prepare two buckets with suitable grids on the bottom and a high quality mitt.
  4. Use the first bucket with the diluted product. We recommend first inserting the product and then the water to already generate foam.
  5. Dip the mitt in the bucket with the product and wipe the car top, then proceed horizontally. Proceed panel by panel to prevent the product from drying out. Apply light or almost no pressure.
  6. Immerse the mitt in the bucket with just water to rinse and clean it using the grid on the bottom to remove debris and impurities that may have stuck in the fibres of the mitt.
  7. Take a second clean mitt and use it for the lower part of the car, proceeding horizontally. It is recommended to use two separate mitts for the upper and lower parts to prevent the lower part, which is usually dirtier, from contaminating the upper part.
  8. Proceed with rinsing with the water veil technique; basically, the great amount of water creates a cascade effect that drags it away, thanks to the sheeting and self-drying effect.
  9. Proceed with drying the remaining small drops with a microfibre cloth in XXL format to optimise time.
  10. For the maximum water repellent effect, pour a few drops of undiluted product on a damp mitt, wipe it on the wet car and then rinse it.
  11. Wait up to 7 hours after the application for complete activation. The effect lasts up to 4 months.
  12. W1 Quick Detailer can be used to remove product drying traces.

If applied with a precompression pump or bucket: the recommended dilution ranges from 1:50 to 1:80, i.e. use 20 ml to 10 ml of product and fill the remaining part with water (980 ml - 990 ml) to obtain 1 L of ready-for-use solution.

If applied with a foam lance or foam gun: the recommended dilution is 1:3, i.e. use 250 ml of product and fill the remaining part with water (750 ml) to obtain 1 L of ready-for-use solution. While dispensing, the actual final dilution can reach approximately 1:60.

For maintenance cleaning of sealants or coatings: the recommended dilution ranges from 1:80 to 1:150, i.e. use 10 ml to 7 ml of product and fill the remaining part with water (990 ml - 993 ml) to obtain 1 L of ready-for-use solution.

Precautions: shake the bottle before use, do not allow the product to dry and do not apply it under the sun or on hot surfaces.



79285 - S1 WASH&COAT 100 ml

79286 - S1 WASH&COAT 1000 ml



H315 Causes skin irritation.

H318 Causes serious eye damage.

H412 Harmful to aquatic organisms with long lasting effects.

P101 If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.

P102 Keep out of reach of children.

P103 Read carefully and follow all instructions.

P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.

P305+P351+P338 in case of contact with the eyes: rinse carefully with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.

P310 Immediately contact the Poison Centre.

P501 Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations.

Contains: TRIDECETH-10, LAURAMINE OXIDE, Isotridecanol, ethoxylated.

Contains among other ingredients: Greater than 5% but less than 15%: non-ionic surfactants. Enzymes. Perfume. Allergen (TRANS-ROSE KETONE-2).


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