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Certified Detailer

SiNH Base Coat is a highly technical product that requires special skills to apply. This is why it is only sold in authorised Innovacar detailing centres. After the application of the product, these centres can provide an official and unique certificate of the treatment carried out thanks to the serial number on the holographic sticker that is supplied with the product and that distinguishes each individual bottle.

Certification programme    

The SiNH Base Coat by Innovacar is a ceramic coating for cars that combines the exclusive Si-N-H technology with the flexibility of resin to create a state-of-the-art ceramic coating.

The resin makes it flexible, while the Si-N-H technology gives it added strength, making it the most resistant ceramic coating in the Innovacar line of products when it comes to durability and protection of the treated surface.

This is a professional treatment available only at authorized Innovacar centers. This is to guarantee you a controlled application by professionals who have taken a specific course in proper use. In combination with SiNH Top Coat, these are our longest lasting products with greatest protection and hydrophobicity results ever.

Main features*:

  • Flexibility, elasticity and self-repair: we have combined the flexibility of a resin with the resistance of exclusive Si-N-H technology. This makes it possible to prevent cracking during variations in temperature. In summer, in particular, the bodywork tends to “stretch” and the film prevents it from cracking. Moreover, at high temperatures, for example in the sun and in summer, it allows micro-scratches to self-repair. Especially when layered 2-3 times, it simulates the effect of a PPF protective film to absorb shocks and cause less damage;
  • Hardness and resistance: it can withstand temperatures of up to 600 °C, making it suitable for use on brake pads. It is also resistant to UV, corrosion, acids and alkanes, acid rain and limescale;
  • Resistance to abrasion tests performed in external certified laboratories, which simulate car washing at an automatic car wash using an alkaline prewash and quartz powder, have shown that it is two times more resistant to abrasion than a surface that was not treated in accordance with ISO 20566:2013;
  • Certified long service life: tests at certified external laboratories have monitored changes in gloss (ISO 20566:2013) and surface hydrophobicity in both automatic and manual wash cycles confirming a service life of up to 5-6 years (about 90,000 km or up to 72 washes-car washes). In combination with SiNH Top Coat the durability is extended up to 9-11 years.
  • Speed: it has been developed with a fast drying time of 20 minutes in order to speed up the application of the second step of SiNH Top Coat, thus reducing waiting time;
  • Easy to use: the fact that it is easy to apply is a key feature of this product. You can apply it without IR lamps as the coating catalyses at room temperature. It is also easy to apply during the summer.
  • Water repellency: despite being a base coat and therefore designed for extreme protection, it ensures oil and water repellency effects;
  • Colour depth: it ensures colour depth even on matt cars, for a "deep" effect;
  • Multi-application: it can be used on rims, aluminium, steel and plastic parts;
  • Safety: it is PFAS free and complies with the content requirements for volatile organic compounds (VOC) in accordance with Directive 2004/42/EC and with the analysis method in compliance with UNI EN ISO 11890-1:2008;

Average consumption: 30 ml per vehicle.

The application and user-friendly properties of SiNH products ensure less product application on the car, namely 30 ml of product corresponds to 50 ml of the traditional ceramic coatings available on the market

Summarised technical data:

  • Technology: Si-N-H + Resin
  • Hardness: Hard - 9H
  • Flexibility - elasticity: 3/5
  • Beading - contact angle: 3/5 (it increases the contact angle by approximately ≃ +10%)
  • Depth of gloss: 3/5
  • Self-cleaning capacity: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Self-repair with heat: 3/5
  • Resistance to limescale: 5/5
  • Resistance to abrasion: 5/5 (+100%)
  • UV ray protection: 5/5
  • Temperature resistance: 600 °C
  • Product consumed: 3ml/m2
  • Layer thickness: 1000-3000 nm
  • Duration in years**: up to 5-6 years
  • Manual wash time*: more than 72
  • Automatic wash time*: more than 60

*The washing cycles indicated are the result of tests conducted by two independent external laboratories. The first test was performed to check whether the contact angle had changed compared to the initial condition, with washing cycles using SP1 Prewash; the second test was conducted to check whether the coating persisted after automatic washing cycles, with the use of a chemical product and quartz powder in compliance with ISO 20566:2013;

* The specified durability in terms of time and kilometres for the entire Innovacar coating product line is based on the results of stress tests performed on site with the support of our national and international partners in various parts of the world.
 The tests were performed under extremely different climatic/environmental conditions:

  • Mumbai (India): because of the fact that it is a metropolis with a high level of smog and has a tropical climate
  • Moscow (Russia): because of its very cold temperatures
  • Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates): because of its torrid climate and frequent sandstorms.
  • Major European capitals: where weather and road conditions are certainly more 'standard';
  • Throughout the tests, the Innovacar coating was washed an average of once a month and it was not always possible to stick to our recommended Innovacar coating maintenance schedule, allowing us to simulate the worst-case situation.
    From the results obtained and the feedback from our partners, it has emerged that the weighted average of a year's life of our coatings is about 15,000 km.

    **with the Innovacar maintenance programme
    • Apply the strongest and most durable ceramic coating from the Innovacar product line.
    • Use a highly professional ceramic coating available only at authorised Innovacar centres.
    • Speed up work and application times thanks to a fast drying time of 20 minutes.
    • Have a base coat that can be used on multiple materials such as rims, steel, aluminium and plastic parts.