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Innovacar's manual prestressing pumps or spray pumps are available in two different versions for acid or alkaline products.

The alkaline spray pump is ideal for the application of alkaline pH products such as car pre-washes and also suitable for pH-neutral shampoos.
It is therefore best used with a dispenser for car detailing products.

The spray pump acid is suitable for the application of acid pH products such as decontaminating car shampoos for contaminations such as limescale and iron and also for professional products for the removal of special materials such as concrete.

To find out for sure which pump is best suited to your needs, you can check the indications of the products to be dispensed to identify their PH.

The PH scale:

  • Products with a pH of 1 to 6 fall into the category of acids.
  • Products with PH 7 are considered neutral.
  • Products with a pH of 8 to 14 fall into the category of alkaline.

Main features:

  • Resistant gaskets and materials: each of the two models is made of materials and has gaskets suitable to withstand the main PH in their category.
  • Safety valve: Innovacar's acid or alkaline spray pumps are equipped with a special valve to remove pressure from the container. In addition, if the maximum permissible pressure is exceeded, the valve is automatically activated, reducing pressurisation.
  • Continuous dispensing button: Innovacar spray pumps have a convenient feature that allows you to lock the dispensing in continuous mode if you wish, allowing you to concentrate on dispensing the product without concentrating on pressing the button.
  • Maximum filling level: Thanks to a clearly visible level line, it is possible to fill the pre-pressure pumps leaving the necessary level of air to pressurise the device and fill them with the maximum possible level of mixture to be dispensed.
  • 2 L tank: The tank has a capacity of 2 litres and is normally suitable for completing detailing operations without having to refill.
  • Adjustable dispensing: thanks to the swivelling nozzle, the dispensing angle can be adjusted until the optimum solution is found.


On first use, check the operation of the safety valve and the supply using clean water.

  1. Introduce clean water and pump out the air using the air piston.
  2. Press the white button on the safety valve. When pressing the valve, pay attention to hear a pressurising noise. As the container is not pressurised, the noise is a signal that the safety valve is working properly.
  3. Test the correct functioning of the water supply.

It is necessary to use it:

  1. Check that the spray pump is not charging and under pressure before opening the dispenser.
  2. If the container is under pressure, press the safety valve to decompress the container.
  3. Unscrew the dispenser head.
  4. Consider making an initial vacuum pass with clean water to clean any residues of the previous product.
  5. Introduce the product mixture, paying attention to the recommended dilutions and avoiding exceeding the maximum level line. This is important in order to preserve the minimum level of air necessary to pressurise the device.
  6. Screw the dispenser on tightly.
  7. Pump air using the piston.
  8. Spray the product by pressing the dispensing button, if more comfortable you can lock in continuous dispensing.
  9. The nozzle can be rotated to adjust the angle.

Precautions: Never leave the prestressing pump under pressure after use, we recommend that maintenance work is always carried out.


  • Do not store prestressing pumps in the sun or below +4°C.
  • Do not store spray pumps with the continuous dispensing button enabled.
  • After use, we recommend that you completely disassemble the pre-pressure pump and carry out a careful, safe cleaning and maintenance of each individual part.
  • To prolong the life of your spray pumps you can use silicone on the seals to further protect them and keep them hydrated over time.